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Compliance for
Tech in Healthcare

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Solving the Complexity of Compliance

For HealthTechs that need to comply
with corporate security regulations,

we provide a Compliance Dashboard 

to get you ISO27001 certified

and ready for corporate business.

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Karolin Kruiskamp

Lean Compliance Designer

The technology innovation was an opportunity to use my knowledge and experience in designing dynamic balance between Tech and Business in TechStartups. The focus on scaling Business and Product, while designing a dynamic organisation for people & process. 

It becomes more clear that Technology will replace HR – and Privacy / IT Security is todays major challenge. That is why I redesigned my C-Board for the organisation of Information and Privacy Security.

We do not need to organise people, we need more focus on how to organise IT and Privacy Security. Translating complexity into simplicity, is what I do for a living. 


Make compliance

(almost) fun!

Create more confidence in the boardroom.

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